Cover Art

Carol Wyss is an award-winning fine artist based in South London. She trained at the Slade and specialises in meticulous print-work, producing pictures of breathtaking detail and beauty.

She also has a background of graphic design and this combination of skills is why Bibi Berki approached her to design the cover of her new book Your Most Avid Reader (The Tempest Press 2015).

“The revolution in independent publishing means writers can do things their own way and that includes cover art. Why settle for the standard or generic cover designs when with some help and ingenuity you can produce something original and unique?” says Bibi.

“This is a new way of working. My books are read by a professional editor and their covers designed by an artist: and both happen to be my friends. We work together and each one helps the other. There is nothing big business about it but there is absolutely no compromise either. My payment to Carol for her artwork? A hand-stitched quilt.”

You can read more about Carol’s work at To get to the book click here: You Most Avid Reader.

Carol's design for Your Most Avid Reader.

Carol’s design for Your Most Avid Reader.